Putanga – Life on the Road

Stories from my journeys around the world…

About me

Me with my favorite Australian animal, a koala...

Welcome to my blog!

I was born and raised in the land of the fjords and the Vikings (also called Norway), but the last few years I have been moving around quite a lot, living and working in different countries in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Currently I live in Singapore and I work in all the countries in Southeast Asia.

I have always been a restless soul, and I have never rejected an opportunity to go somewhere I haven’t been before and see some new places. On my journeys I see amazing things, meet interesting people and experience things that make me smile.

In this blog I am planning to publish some of the stories and photos from my trips around the world. I hope you will enjoy it.

So what is Putanga?

Putanga is a Polynesian noun meaning emergence, appearance, entrance, opening, escape, exit, way out or outlet. The word is a good description of who I am: wherever I am, I am always looking for somewhere else to go. Hence, I thought it would be a good name for my blog.


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