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From Blue Mountains to Manly Beach

Posted by Monica Johansen on December 19, 2010

I have been working in Sydney for the last three weeks, and I am here for another two weeks before I am flying back to Singapore. One of the great things about Sydney is that you have fantastic nature all around the city, ranging from fertile mountains in the west to white sandy beaches in the east. And since I love being outdoors I have of course spent some time on the weekends enjoying the great Australian nature.

Blue Mountains

A couple of weeks ago we had a colleague visiting from the US, and last weekend one of the guys from the Australian team took us out for a 4-wheel drive in the mountains. He has a Nissan Patrol which has no problems getting around on the rough bush tracks in the mountains, and we had a great day with fantastic weather. The great thing about the Australian mountains is that there are not many people going outside of the most common tourist areas, such as the famous rock formation called the Three Sisters. Hence, you can find some nice and quiet places where you can be all alone and just enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of the nature.

Australian mountains are not quite like the ones I am used to from Norway. The mountains are very old, and millions of years of erosion have made them into flat hills rather than the steep pointy tops that I am used to. The mountains plateau is not very high either. The highest point of the range is only 1,190 meters above sea level, but the area is dissected by gorges up to 760 meters deep, which gives it the characteristic looks.

We were really lucky with the timing of our trip, because it had been raining quite a bit earlier, and the mountains were green and lush. With the exception of the more tropical areas in the north, the Australian bush is usually rather dry due to very little rainfall, but after a period of rain the forest finally comes alive again. Unfortunately, we didn’t see many animals, but we did meet a little Australian water dragon (my favorite Aussie lizard) chilling out on the road.

Manly Beach

This weekend I have met up with some friends out in Manly. The suburb is one of the most expensive places to live in Sydney, and they have some really nice sandy beaches in the area. Manly is easily accessible from the city because you can catch a ferry from Circular Quay and the boat trip will only take around 30 minutes. You can drive out there too, but on the weekends you will most likely be stick in traffic since a lot of other people are trying to get out there too.

I am not really a beach person, but one of the things I enjoy about Manly is the numerous nice bars and restaurants with a great ocean view. My friends and I had dinner at one of the seafood restaurants yesterday, and the food was absolutely fantastic. You always find the best seafood by the ocean where they get the ingredients fresh from the sea.

Another thing I like about Manly is the small shops where they sell beach wear and handcrafted jewelry made of shells and gem stones. During my time living and working in Asia I have been looking for nice pieces of handcrafts almost everywhere, but I must admit that the nicest stuff can be found in Australia. At least that is my personal view.

Today it is Sunday, and I have no plans for the day yet. However, the weather is great and I am getting out of the apartment very soon to enjoy another day in the fantastic Aussie climate. 🙂


2 Responses to “From Blue Mountains to Manly Beach”

  1. Nina said

    Det høres ut som om du har det helt perfekt Monica 🙂
    Jeg sitter og ser ut i hagen min, den har ett 30 cm belegg med sne, det er iskalde 9 blå grader ute, det blåser og det er godt å være inne !

    • Monica Johansen said

      Jepp, her er det fint å være… 🙂

      Du får kle deg godt og holde deg inne i varmen så mye du kan. 🙂


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