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A Great Weekend

Posted by Monica Johansen on May 4, 2010

I left India late on Friday night and arrived back in Singapore early on Saturday morning. The very first thing I did was to SMS my English friend Paul who happened to be in Singapore for the weekend. We met up around lunch time and pretty much spent the entire day doing sightseeing, walking around in the city and talking.

Sentosa Island

Paul used to be one of my colleagues and best friends in the UK, and although we did spend a few hours together in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago we still had so much to talk about. Having him around made me realize how much I miss my old team mates in the UK. The funny thing about being alone for a long time is that you tend to get used to it after a while, but when you suddenly have company again you understand how lonely you have been.

On Sunday we went out to Sentosa Island, which is a theme-park-like recreation island just south of the Singapore city centre. The island is connected to the main island (yes, Singapore is an island) via a bridge, and it take only about 15 minutes by taxi to reach the island from my home. Popular attractions include the Carlsberg Sky Tower, Butterfly Park, Insect Kingdom and Underwater World in addition to two golf courses and the new Universal Studios Singapore. I am not exactly a beach babe, and I get bored when I try to sunbathe, but the island is quite beautiful and we took some nice photos on the beach.

Paul and I spent most of the day on Sentosa before we headed back to the city for dinner in the afternoon. We both had work to prepare for the coming week, so we separated around 8:30 PM to spend the rest of the evening in front of a computer. Monday morning I had to fly to Melbourne and Paul headed back to the UK in the evening. I have no idea when we will meet again, but I hope it doesn’t take 3.5 years like the last time.

Well, I am back in Melbourne for a few days, and the weather here is freezing cold. However, this time I was clever enough to bring a warm winter jacket and a couple of woolen sweaters, so I am prepared. I am here only to Thursday night, but I am meeting up with a friend tomorrow after work. Apart from that this week is mainly filled with loads of work.


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