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Bloody Murphy!

Posted by Monica Johansen on April 28, 2010

I am back in India this week to complete the implementation project in Delhi. The temperatures have increased quite significantly since the last time I was here, and it now hits 42-44 degrees Celsius (107-111 Fahrenheit) during daytime.

View from my hotel room

The customer has limited desk space, so we are usually working together in a conference room while testing and configuring policies. Since most of the meeting rooms are booked a few times during the week we are moving around to a different room every day. The first two days the rooms were extremely hot, and I though that maybe they are just saving energy by shutting off the air conditioning. I usually bring a jacket with me on customer site since you never know how cold it gets in the office and sometimes we have to work in freezing cold server rooms, but today I decided to leave it behind since the last couple of days have been so extremely hot.

But I forgot all about Murphy’s Law, because today we were of course staying in a room with the air conditioning on full speed and set to low temperatures. I asked the customer if they could turn up the heat a little bit, but apparently it is centrally controlled and they couldn’t change it without changing the settings for the entire floor. Hence, I have been shivering all day while trying to focus on getting the work done, and I have found it rather difficult to work with goosebumps on 80% of my body.

Apart from a few temperature issues I am having a great time in Delhi. The hotel is great, and the view from my room would have been awesome if this part of India had more trees, grass and flowers instead of just sand, dirt and garbage. Anyway, you can’t have it all.

Oh, by the way, on my flight home from Australia last week I saw the movie “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. If you ever wonder what my life is like then just see the movie and you will get it…


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