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Incredible India

Posted by Monica Johansen on February 4, 2010

I arrived in New Delhi on Sunday evening, and I am currently staying in Gurgaon, which is a town just southwest of Delhi. I started working on customer site in Gurgaon already on Monday morning, and I am supposed to be here until Chinese New Year (the end of next week), but it actually depends on the progress on the contract discussions with the customer.

Trident hotel lobby

I am staying in a hotel called Trident, which is an amazing hotel with great service. It is in fact rather different from other hotels I have stayed at in India previously, with its resort like luxurious design and minimalistic interior. I love it actually, because it gives a sense of space and cleanness that I often miss in many old fashioned hotels, and to explain how amazing it is I just want to mention that the hotel was voted “Asia’s Leading Hotel” and “India’s Leading Hotel” at the World Travel Awards in 2009.

A strange thing I have discovered about hotels around the world is that the poorer the country, the better the service. For instance, in Jakarta in Indonesia there are a large number of very poor people living in shanty towns, but the hotel I usually stay at is one of my favorite places in Asia, and the people working there are so friendly that I almost feel bad. India is also extremely poor, but the quality of the hotels and the service level is impeccable. In fact, sometimes I think they are simply too friendly, and I would prefer if they could be a little more natural. Personally I think that no one should have to bow and crawl for anyone else, no matter how “important” or rich they are, and I would prefer if they could get to know me and appreciate me for who I am rather than being polite because they have been instructed to do so.

Trident hotel garden

I find working in India to be a very different experience. First of all, communication can sometimes be confusing because the Indians tend to shake their heads when they agree rather than nod as we are used to in the western world (if you have ever seen a Bollywood movie you will know what I mean). Fortunately, most Indians working in business environments can speak English relatively well, which makes it easier for foreigners to work here, and technically they are quite strong. But I find the Indians to be rather disorganized, at least compared to what I am used to. For instance, when working on projects involving several components they often want to do everything at the same time, while I prefer to focus on one or two things to avoid confusion and ensure maximum quality. Nevertheless, somehow we manage to meet somewhere in the middle and get things done.

Another funny thing about this place is that the electricity supply is very unstable, and the lights and air-condition etc. keep switching on and off during the day. The first time I experienced it I asked the guys I am working with if it happens often, and they replied “no, just a few times per day”. I was laughing inside, because I was expecting an answer more like “once or twice per month”, but apparently they didn’t consider “a few times per day” to be very often. 🙂

This week has passed very quickly, and soon it is weekend again. I am very excited to see what new adventures the weekend will reveal. 🙂


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  1. Nina said

    Nyt helgen og opplevelsene 🙂

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