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Stopover in Dubai

Posted by Monica Johansen on February 2, 2010

Yesterday I had a long journey from Oslo in Norway to New Delhi in India, via London and Dubai. The flights to and from Dubai didn’t time very well, so I ended up being in transit for seven hours. Since I didn’t want to hang out at the airport for hours I decided to do some sightseeing in Dubai while I was there, and I took the train from the airport into the city.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

In the beginning I was trying to explore Dubai by foot, but I quickly realized that the interesting sights were relatively far apart, so I ended up hiring a guide for a few hours. He took me to some beautiful and interesting spots in the city, such as the Sultan’s palace, the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), the famous Burj Al Arab hotel and the amazing Atlantis hotel. It was a beautiful day in Dubai, with a clear sky and temperatures around 25 degrees, and I was so happy I had brought my SLR camera with my.

Unfortunately, only guest are allowed into the Burj Al Arab hotel, but I was able to have a look inside the Atlantis hotel which is located in the end of an artificial island shaped as a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah. The hotel has a huge aquarium inside, with a number of different fish species, including a 4 meter whale shark. Although the aquarium was huge, I doubt that it was large enough for a species such as the highly migratory whale shark. Environmentalists have been urging the hotel owners to free the shark, and I hope they will succeed.

Eventually I had to head back to the airport and jump on the plane to Delhi. I arrived last night, and I am currently enjoying the Indian hospitality and great vegetarian food. It is so good to be back in Asia after a few days with extremely cold weather in Norway.

I have posted some photos here: http://monicaaj71.vndv.com/20100131/index.html


2 Responses to “Stopover in Dubai”

  1. James said


    im going aboard and i have a 7hr 30mins stop over , Please could you provide some recommendation on a guide (taxi service etc) and a full itinerary what you did so i can estimate the timing ?

    How well do they speak english, the taxi driver’s ?

    Thanks lovely pics

    • Monica Johansen said

      Hi there,

      I simply walked into one of the hotels and asked them if they could organize a guided tour. However, I discovered that you can get it cheaper by just using a normal taxi.

      I did a 3 hour tour and I specifically asked the driver to take me to the places I have mentioned in my blog. However, I recommend that you ask the driver for some tips and hints on where to go. They know the city well, and if you have more time than I did you can probably see a lot more.


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