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New year, new adventures

Posted by Monica Johansen on January 12, 2010

After two really long and boring weekends during Christmas and New Year I am finally on the road again. This week I am back in Manila, and so far the trip has been quite enjoyable. My customer is a very easy going person who is fun to be around, and I tend to think of him more as a friend than a customer. It is always nice when you can combine work and pleasure.

Rizal Park in Manila

I am also very happy to be back in Hotel Intercontinental in Makati, where I usually stay when I am here. I think the main reason I like the hotel is that the staff knows me and they always welcome me with a huge smile. And this afternoon, when I had dinner in the hotel restaurant, the waiters came over looking like they were very happy to see me, and they told me that they had a couple of nice seafood dished on the menu (they know I don’t eat meat) and that my favorite table, in the corner by the window, was available. It almost feels like coming home to your family where you mum is cooking your favorite meal to make you happy and you find your good old spot on the couch.

I can understand why people love dogs (I love them myself actually). There is no feeling better than having someone waiting for you who are excited to see you. 🙂


2 Responses to “New year, new adventures”

  1. Nina said

    *smile* Klart vi liker hunder 🙂

  2. Gunnar said

    Hunder er spesielle på den måten … god følelse … 😉

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