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On the road… Again…

Posted by Monica Johansen on October 26, 2009

After a week in Manila I am now back in Jakarta, and this time I am staying for a couple of weeks. I finally managed to organize my multiple-entry business visa so that I don’t have to fill up my passport with visas on arrival, and now I can enter the country as I please for the next 12 months. I have been here a few times before, but I have actually never had the opportunity to do any sightseeing before, so I figured that this time will be different.

I haven’t quite decided what to do on the weekend yet, and I have been thinking about flying out to Bali or one of the other remote but there are in fact a few things to see both in Jakarta and the surrounding areas. Pulau Seribu, or the Thousand Islands, is a group of small islands located only a few kilometers north of Jakarta, and tour agencies can organize both day trips and overnight stays.

Inside the city of Jakarta there are several interesting heritage sights, such as Chinatown, Sunda Kelapa Harbour (the old harbor of Jakarta) and traditional markets. In addition, there are a few interesting museums and a miniature park with small versions of traditional Indonesian buildings. A little further outside the city there is also a botanical garden and a safari park that I am interested in.

Well, so much to see and so little time. At least I am not going to be bored this weekend. 🙂


2 Responses to “On the road… Again…”

  1. Trond said

    For et kjedelig liv jeg lever……..misunn misunnn Monica. ENJOY !!

    • Monica Johansen said

      Vel, sannheten er vel egentlig at alt har sin pris. Jeg får riktignok reist og sett mye, men jeg er alene nesten hele tiden. Jeg tror ikke det er et liv som alle ville trives med.

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