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Rough Start

Posted by Monica Johansen on August 30, 2009

Not much has happened since my last blog item, except being on a 5-days trip to the Philippines a couple of weeks ago. Despite a lot of technical issues on customer site the trip was actually quite nice, because one of my colleagues from Singapore was there too and we had dinner together a couple of nights. I am used to traveling all alone, but it is always better when you have company. I also met my favorite security guard at Hotel Intercontinental in Manila. His name is Bernhard, and he is probably the nicest security guard on the planet. He is very cute, he always smiles when he sees me, and it actually makes me happy to chat with him.

Tonight I have just arrived in Jakarta, and I will be working here for the next 5 days. The flight from Singapore was just like usual, but the journey from the airport to the hotel was a bit rough since I ended up in a car accident on the highway. Basically, we suddenly hit a traffic jam and a car crashed into my taxi from behind in relatively high speed. My neck hurts a little bit now, and my head got smashed into headrest so I have a small headache, but apart from that there were no real injuries. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. The cars here are always driving very closely together, even in a high speed, and it doesn’t leave much time to stop if something is blocking the road.

Well, tomorrow is a new working day and a new project to focus on. I am not sure how much time I will have to look around this time, but if I take any nice photos I will post them here. But now it is time to get some rest…


2 Responses to “Rough Start”

  1. Nina said

    Har du vært til doktoren? :-)!!!

  2. Monica Johansen said

    Nei, jeg tror det holder med noen ibuprofen tabletter for å løsne opp i muskulaturen.

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