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Why I love flying

Posted by Monica Johansen on June 28, 2009

After less than 40 hours in Singapore I am back at Changi Airport, and this time I am going to the Philippines for 10 days. I always come into the airport early, and not only because I want to avoid the queues, but also because I actually enjoy hanging out at the airport and watch people who are on their way to holidays or going home after a good time away. It is almost as the entire airport is filled with anticipation and excitement, and for some reason I just love the atmosphere.

People often ask me if I get tired of traveling. So far the answer has been no, but then again, I don’t travel as much as the most hard core business travelers such as for instance my manager. I find my life to have a good balance between being home and being away, because I am never away long enough to get home sick, and mostly I am not in the office so many subsequent days that I get restless. And while I always enjoy getting on a new plane, it is also good to come back to Singapore and my nice apartment and comfortable bed.

The best part of traveling is definitely the flying itself. I always request a window seat, and I simply love looking down at the world from the air. In addition, the flying time is a time when I can rest and be disconnected from the rest of the world for a little while. No phones, no emails, just my MP3 player, a video player showing new movies every month and smiling flight attendants bringing food and drinks. I relax when I am flying because I can legitimately have time for myself and stop working for a little while, and even though the seats in the planes are not always the most comfortable I still lower my shoulders and enjoy the time in the air.

Of course, being on the road can be tiring, but there is something exciting about going somewhere, just like a promise of a new beginning or opportunities that you would otherwise have missed. I love changes, and going to a different place every now and then is enough to keep my otherwise rather bored brain in activity.

This time I am staying in the Philippines over the weekend, so I have brought my camera with me, and I am hoping to get some nice photos. If I get some good ones I promise to post them here.


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