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Work, work, work…

Posted by Monica Johansen on May 15, 2009

It has been a while since I have written anything in my blog. First of all it is because I haven’t had much time to write lately, since I have been swamped with work. In addition, I haven’t been traveling anything since my holiday in Borneo, and I have pretty much been working 24×7 on projects in Singapore, running around like a mad woman desperately trying to make all customer and sales people happy. I have started to realize that I have taken on too much work for one person to handle, and I am not doing myself any favors by trying to do the work of two people.

The view from my office

The view from my office

In fact, the most exiting thing that has happen lately is the swine flu outbreak. The flu has caused some hullabaloo over here, and many companies introduced temperature screening for anyone entering the office buildings in attempt to detect any potential infectious people. Some people in the offices also wore masks, and it was an odd sight. As far as I am aware of we have not had any occurrences in Singapore so far, but I suppose you are better safe than sorry. Anyway, when the worst hysteria had calmed down the alert level was lowered, and now things are pretty much back to normal.

It is finally Friday night and weekend, and I have just finished a long working day. I have to do a little bit of work before the start of next week, but I am planning to take it easy most of the time this weekend. Monday morning I am flying to Hanoi to complete a project I have been working on for a couple of months. As usual it is always a challenge to work in Vietnam, and know that next week is going to be relatively exhausting. Hence, I better make sure I have tons of energy before I fly over.


3 Responses to “Work, work, work…”

  1. Mie og Liz said

    Monica da – jeg trodde du hadde lært allerede for flere år siden at det ikke lønner seg å ta på seg for mye. Det er ikke verd det engang 🙂

    Med vårlig hilsen herfra 🙂

    • Monica Johansen said

      Joda, jeg burde vite bedre, men jeg har en lei tendens til å alltid forsøke å blidgjøre alle og enhver, og det er jo ikke så enkelt… 🙂

  2. Nina said

    Det skulle stå mitt navn i “fra feltet” på meldingen over …jaja, slikt skjer 🙂

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