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Singapore IT Show 2009

Posted by Monica Johansen on March 15, 2009

Recession? What recession? I think the Singaporeans had forgotten all about the economic downturn during this week’s gigantic IT Show in Suntec City.

Singapore’s largest IT, digital and consumer electronics exhibition was kicked off Thursday this week in Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, and the event lasted for four days. Most of the well known IT and electronics vendors were present during the event which was sprawling over 5 entire floors, and consumers were offered discounts on a range of different products.


Suntec City

I usually stay away from these kinds of events, mainly because I know they will be crowded and I like my space. However, one of my colleagues wanted to look for a digital camera, and since today was the last day of the exhibition there was a chance that products might be sold off with even larger discounts. I simply love looking at photographic equipment, and I was hoping that there might have been some good deals on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which I am dreaming of these days. In addition, I was hoping that the current recession would discourage many Singaporeans from shopping so that there wouldn’t be so many people around. Hence, my colleague Ssu-han and decided to meet at Suntec this afternoon to have a look, and Ssu-han also brought his brother who wanted to buy some computer screens.

I must admit that even before I entered the exhibition hall I started to realize that it was a bad idea. While I was waiting for Ssu-han and his brother by the door I could see that the crowd was even denser than I anticipated, and it was a mystery to me how anyone could even move around between the stands. When Ssu-han arrived we worked out way up to fourth floor where the camera equipment was found, and after struggling to navigate through the insane crowd we managed to get to the Canon counter so we could check the price on a Canon G10. To our big surprise we discovered that the camera was in fact more expensive on the show than you can get it for at Sim Lim Square, so we just as well decided to get out of there as soon as possible before we both choked.

Ssu-han’s brother was up on sixth floor looking for his monitors, and while we were waiting for him to complete his mission we decided to find a nice coffee place and have a hot chocolate and a coffee and maybe some peace and quite for a little while. Luckily there is a Gloria Jean’s Coffee bar at Suntec, and despite the significant number of people in the mall today we managed to find a vacant table. And that was pretty much the end of our IT Show shopping experience.

To put it this way, next year I am staying as far away from the IT show as possible. Been there, done that, didn’t get the t-shirt!


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