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On the Road Again

Posted by Monica Johansen on March 2, 2009

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

After a couple of stressful weeks, working full time (and more) on customer site and having conference calls and other work to be completed in the evenings, I completely collapsed on the couch this weekend. Hence, I didn’t manage to do all the things I had planned, such as getting some paper work completed and prepare for the next customer assignment before the start of this week. But at least I managed to do some laundry, which was necessary since I didn’t want to go shopping for new clothes.

Today I have spent most of the day in the office attending a mandatory technical training, and now I am at the airport on my way to Jakarta for a few more busy days on customer site. I must admit that I haven’t felt an urgent need to jump on a plane again, but duty calls and the weekend only lasts for two days, unfortunately.

But at least it feels really good to get some Indonesian currency. I went over to the money changer at the airport and asked for one million Rupiah. Although it is not more than about 130 Australian dollars it is still cool to have one million in my wallet. 🙂

OK, it is time to jump on the plane…


One Response to “On the Road Again”

  1. Nina said

    hehe; skjønner godt at du liker den følelsen ja 🙂

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