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Home, Sweet Home!

Posted by Monica Johansen on February 21, 2009

There is nothing like coming home to Singapore after a week on the road in a dodgy Asian country. Although I love traveling in Asia I must admit that it is a blessing to be able to come back to a relatively westernized country where things are organized and clean, and where you don’t have to constantly worry about being cheated.

Sunset at Clarke Quay

Sunset at Clarke Quay

The feeling sort of reminds me of one time I came back to Oslo after having worked in a small Romanian town called Satu Mare. I remember that entering the town gave me the feeling of being in an old World War II movie, where the houses along the road were falling apart and people were using horse and carriage for transport. The customer’s computer equipment was far from impressive, and frankly I was surprised that they actually had computers there at all. But although the temperatures reached -20 degrees (which is far below livable), and the staff could hardly speak a word of English, we had a great time and the people we worked with were exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Nevertheless, getting back to Oslo was a relief.

One of the great things about living in Singapore is that as a resident you can enter the country through separate immigration counters where there are rarely any queues. Above the counters are big signs saying “Welcome Home”, and the immigration officers simply swipe my green card and let me through. While I am waiting (and we are talking about seconds and not minutes) I manage to grab a couple of my favorite sweets which are placed in a bowl on the immigration officers desk, and I am there so often that I have already figured out which ones that taste the best. My baggage usually arrives on the carousel as I get through immigration, so I can simply pick it up, walk out to the arrival hall and jump in a taxi, and from I get off the plane and to I enter my apartment in the city it rarely takes more than 45 minutes (I live 25 min by car away from the airport). Changi International Airport is definitely the best airport in the world!

Yes, it is definitely nice to be able to come home in between the battles and adventures, and it looks like I might get a few days in Singapore before I am getting back on the road.

Have a great weekend! 😀


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