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Back in Black…

Posted by Monica Johansen on January 8, 2009

I am back in my business suit in Singapore, and I am trying to survive the first week in the office after the holiday. This life is quite a contrast from the life as a beach bum in Kangaroo Land, and I can’t exactly say that I have missed the office while I have been away. It is always the same every time I am on holiday – when I get back to work it takes a few days to get into the strict schedule again.

Evening light over Singapore River

Evening light over Singapore River

The famous graphic designer, Milton Glaser, once said that “retirement is only desirable for people who really hate what they do”. It is an interesting statement, but what if you love what you do but you just want to do it when it suits you and not when you are told to do it by your boss? Frankly, I think I have a great job (especially the traveling part!), and I would like to continue doing it for many years to come, but I sometimes whish I could decide where and when to do it. Does it mean that I hate my job?

The hardest part of being back in Singapore is getting used to being alone again. Over the last couple of weeks in Australia I have had company pretty much 24 x 7, and really nice company too. It was actually quite a change for me who are used to being alone more or less all the time outside of work, and a few times during my holiday I had to take a timeout and withdraw to be by myself for a little while. However, now that I am used to having people around me I find it rather lonely here in the Asian shopping paradise.

Luckily I won’t be alone for much longer. This weekend a friend of mine from Melbourne, who currently lives in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, will be stopping in Singapore for a couple of days on his way home to KL from his Christmas holiday in Australia. We met when I was doing a job for his company in Malaysia a few months ago, and as the only two white people in the office we found each other pretty quickly. He is a great guy and I am looking forward to seeing him again and having some interesting conversations.

What else has happened? Not much really. This has been a pretty boring week actually…


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