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Blowing North

Posted by Monica Johansen on December 28, 2008

Shane and I have started to head north from Perth and up the windy Western Australian coast. Shane is originally from Geraldton, and his family still lives there, so that was our destination when we left Perth on Boxing Day morning. On the way we also stopped in Port Denison, where his aunt and uncle live in a huge house on the beach, and we had a family dinner with around 20 people, including kids in different ages. I was quite taken by the friendliness of the family, and I was welcomed as one of them despite the fact that I am a foreigner and Shane and I are just friends.

Sunset at Port Denison

Sunset at Port Denison

The journey from Perth to Geraldton usually takes about five hours if you drive non-stop. However, our journey took a lot longer since we stopped several places on the way to take photos, and we stayed in Port Denison for a while. I managed to get a photo of the Australian Christmas Tree, which grows out in the dry bush land and has some gorgeous yellow flowers at this time of year. In addition, the sunset in Port Denison was beautiful, and I got some nice photos down at the beach.

Yesterday Shane and I spent most of the day wandering around in Geraldton and the surrounding areas. We had a look at the war memorial with a dome is made up of 645 birds, one for every man who died when HMAS Sydney sank outside of Geraldton in World War II. We also took a walk on the fantastic beach here with shiny white sand and green water, and in the evening we had a BBQ with some Shane’s old friends from school. I am not a party person, and I tend to feel uncomfortable in big groups of people, especially when alcohol is involved, so I retired early and spent most of the evening editing photos and chatting with some friends from Norway on Yahoo messenger.

Geraldton Beach

Geraldton Beach

This morning the Norton family and I went to the river to take the boat out, and I got some nice bird photos by the river. Unfortunately, the pelicans and cormorants are shy birds, and most of my photos were taken as the birds were flying off, but I still got some nice ones. After lunch Shane and I drove down to Greenough, where the famous “leaning trees” are located. We also looked at the old Greenough settlement which was built to support the farmers in the area, and the old buildings are quite well maintained.

By the way, there was a shark attack here yesterday. A man was attacked just 6 meters from the beach, and he has not yet been found, so apparently the shark has eaten him all up. I know that most sharks are looking for sea mammals and sometimes mistaken surfers for seals, but with all the shark attacks in this country I stay away from the water anyway. You can never be too sure, and becoming shark food is not the way I want to leave this world.

Tomorrow we are driving further north, up to Monkey Mia where the dolphins are. That is what I have been looking forward to since I got here, so I hope the weather is going to stay good. Unfortunately, I have heard that there is a cyclone heading our way, but hopefully it is not going to hit us.

Here are the latest photos: http://monicaaj71.vndv.com/20081228/index.html


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