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Perth and Surroundings

Posted by Monica Johansen on December 24, 2008

I arrived in sunny Perth a couple of days ago, and I have already had the opportunity to look around this beautiful place. My friend Shane, who I am visiting here, is an excellent organizer and tour guide, and he is making sure that I will get a chance to see everything worth seeing.

Perth viewed from King's Park

Perth viewed from King's Park

On Monday, my first day here, Shane took me out to Fremantle, which is a port city located about 19 kilometers southwest of Perth, at the mouth of the Swan River on the west coast. Fremantle is famous for its many historical buildings, such as the Fremantle Prison which was built by convicts in the 1850’s from limestone quarried on the site, or the Round House, built in 1930-31, which is now the oldest remaining building in Western Australia. Another interesting building is the Fremantle Town Hall, designed in Italian-style architecture and officially opened in 1887. In addition, you can find homes designed in Tuscany style, with charming little courtyards with fountains and embedded in flowers. In many ways Fremantle gives you a bit of a Mediterranean feeling, in particular because of the fantastic coast line with palm trees, white sandy beaches and blue-green water.

We also visited King’s Park, where the Western Australia State War Memorial is located. The park is a mixture of grassed parkland, botanical gardens and natural bushland situated on Mount Eliza, and from the War Memorial you will have a fantastic view of Perth. I managed to take some nice photos of the city from the park, and before we headed back home we had lunch in one of the restaurants overlooking the city.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

On Tuesday Shane had booked ferry tickets to Rottnest Island, which is located about 18 km off the coast of Fremantle. The island is a very popular holiday destination, both for locals and tourists, and it is classified as a Class A Reserve, which is the most highly protected class of crown land, where public consultation and acts of parliament are required to initiate changes. The habitat on the island is fragile, and one of the most famous species on the island is the Quokka, a small macropod about the size of a large domestic cat. Like other marsupials in the macropod family (such as the kangaroos and wallabies), the Quokka is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal. When white settlers arrived at Rottnest Island they believed the Quokka was a huge rat, and that the island was full of these rat nests. They named the island thereafter, hence the name Rottnest.

So far I have had a great holiday, and after Christmas we are heading north towards Geraldton, Shark Bay and Coral Bay. I am hoping to get close up with dolphins, and maybe also see some small sharks and manta rays. However, I don’t want to meet any of the great white sharks…

I have posted some photos at http://monicaaj71.vndv.com/20081224/index.html


4 Responses to “Perth and Surroundings”

  1. Henning og Maya said

    Hei, en liten jule hilsen fra Øyer. Ser ut som om du for en litt annen og varmer jul en oss. Her er det som vanlig opp til flere minusgrader, masse snø og veldig få delfiner. Du for kose deg resten av ferien, god jul fra oss på Øyer.

  2. Monica Johansen said

    Heisann! Tusen takk for julehilsen, og ha en riktig trivelig jul på Øyer. 🙂

  3. Nina said

    Flotte bilder Monica !!

  4. Teo said

    i love those pictures..

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