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City of Lights

Posted by Monica Johansen on December 6, 2008

I have been working in Perth for the last couple of days, and I have had a great time since I arrived here. The people are so friendly, and I have really enjoyed being in customer office chatting with the guys and listening to their jokes. Thursday, which was my first day on site, I was trying to find the office and to navigate I used a map I was given by the hotel concierge. Perth has a few free city shuttle buses which go around in circles in the city center, and the hotel mentioned that I should try to jump on one of them since the customer office was in the other end of the city.

Christmas in Perth

Christmas in Perth

In the morning I went over to the bus stop, but I wasn’t able to figure out which bus to take, so I jumped on the first bus that arrived and I got off in what looked like the city center. I must have looked a bit confused, because a nice man on his way to work stopped and asked me if I needed any help. I showed him the map and pointed out where I wanted to go, and he pointed me in the right direction and walked with me a part of the way. To put it this way, that has never ever happened to me in Sydney.

A friend of mine, who grew up in Western Australia, recently told me that Perth is called the City of Lights. He explained that in 1962, when the American astronaut John Glenn passed over the city in his Mercury spacecraft as he became the first American to orbit the Earth, this extremely remote city could clearly be seen for space as it is surrounded by desert and water and no other lights are visible in thousands of kilometers. Hence, the city was given the name “City of Lights”. In 1998, the people in Perth once again lit up the sky to welcome back John Glenn during his Space Shuttle Discovery space flight.

I haven’t had much time to look around since I have been working most of the time, but luckily I will be back in a couple of weeks when I come here for the Christmas holiday. I am looking forward to getting a chance to see more of this place and the surroundings. Apparently there are some awesome beaches in this area, and I can’t wait to see them.


2 Responses to “City of Lights”

  1. Nina said

    Høres ut som en god opplevelse Monica 🙂

  2. Monica Johansen said

    Ja, Perth var en veldig trivelig by. Ganske mye mindre enn Sydney og Melbourne, men ren og pen, og med en fantastisk kystlinje. Jeg gleder meg til å se litt mer av stranden når jeg reiser tilbake i julen.

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