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Australian Idol 2008

Posted by Monica Johansen on November 25, 2008

When I arrived in Sydney for the very first time in October 2006 I did not know anybody in Australia, and when I a few weeks later had a colleague from Bangalore in India visiting on a business trip I was very happy to have someone to do tourist stuff with. My colleague, Satya, had never been in Sydney before either, and he was more than happy to spend a couple of weekends exploring the Emerald City and surroundings.

After the fireworks

After the fireworks in 2007

This was in the end of November, and at that point I didn’t even know that Australia had its own Idol show on TV, but Satya had been informed by a friend that it was the Australian Idol finale on Sunday night, and that there would be awesome fireworks after the show. Both of us had digital SLR cameras that we loved playing with, so we ended up walking down to the harbor to try to get some nice shots from the west side of the Opera House. As this was my very first fireworks shots I wasn’t too sure of how to set the exposure, but I ended up with a couple of nice photos anyway. As the months passed by in Sydney I realized that people in Sydney have fireworks whenever there is something to celebrate, so I had many opportunities to improve my skills.

In November 2007 I was still living in Sydney, and on the Sunday of the Idol finale I decided to get some photos from the east side of the Opera House in order to get the Harbour Bridge in the photo as well. Hence, my ex boyfriend and I went down to the Domain with our cameras and tripods, and I manage to get some nice photos of the famous Sydney attractions lit up by exploding light and covered in smoke. This time I was more experienced, and I was quite happy with the result.

The Opera House in Fireworks

The Opera House in Fireworks

This year I am actually living in Singapore, but I am currently in Sydney on a business trip. And luckily I ended up coming over right before the 2008 Idol finale. I didn’t even think about it before I saw the show advertised on TV, and I thought to my self that it would be nice to keep up the tradition of taking photos of the Australian Idol fireworks. Hence, I went down to the harbor, despite cold weather and rain, and I found a nice spot on the west side close to the Harbour Brigde. I didn’t bring a tripod, so I had to find a big stone to put my camera on, and I had to hold my umbrella over the camera to keep it out of the rain. But the result was pretty OK anyway, and I could happily conclude that the mission was successful once again.

I am not sure what will happen next year, but I hope that I will be moving back to Sydney by then…


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